Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rolled Paper Bowl Tutorial

 Rolled Paper Bowls.
Really the options are limitless to how large/small you can make these. If you are using a magazine, like I am here, the color comes out mostly whiteish with splashes of color.

So we start by tearing out the pages. Then roll them like this:
If you have a magazine that is just stapled in the middle, you can take that out and get double wide paper and make really long tubes! bonus**
You can either use a glue gun or a glue stick at the end to hold in place.
 So roll like a billion of the tubes. Seriously, it takes way more than you would think.
Then you want to flatten the rolls.
So just squish them between your fingers...
 And voila, you end up with the tubes looking curvy like these.
This is the beginning of your bowl shape.
So start rolling the 1st tube. You should make this as tight as possible.

So when one tube runs out, hot glue another one to it and continue. Repeat*

So I'm making a smaller bowl to hold pins at my desk, so I only did like 8 billion tubes! It was like 1/2 a beading catalog worth of tubes.

Then you want to push the bottom of the circle out. If you have a bowl you can lay this on, that works great to get an even shape. So push it over the bowl template.Try to do it evenly.

Dump a bunch of mod podge or whatever glue you want to use into the bowl.
Brush around the inside of the bowl. Let dry and repeat on the outside of the bowl.
*you can repeat this step a couple of times for a super sturdy bowl.

I like to spray the finished bowl with an acylic lacquer. This makes it shiny and gives it some water resisitance.

 PS I have some cool bowls up in my etsy shop if you want to pursue other options Fun Paper Bowls

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