Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staying up to date

So a couple of things have happened this week.
1st of all we are in a new store in Oshkosh. Very exciting. The link is on the right side bar to the shop's website.

2nd, paper quilling. Such fun. And through trial and error we have discovered how to coat the product so that the paper is solid and wearable. There is one pair of quilled earrings up in the shop now with more to come.
Click here to see the earrings

3rd: my WI etsy group is participating in an Etsy top 10 list challenge. Everyone gets to submit 2 items and then the public votes on what is the coolest stuff.
Click here to see the list and vote

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Project

Has anyone heard of Paper Quilling before?
One of my friends just introduced me to it yesterday and I am in love. It starts off similar to making paper beads, with narrow, long strips of paper. You then either roll them loose or tight and let the paper expand. You can get some really cool shapes.
Last night I played around with some scrap paper and ended up making a whole pile of flower petals.
I am excited, this stuff looks really cool and I think it will really advance the paper jewelry we currently produce.
Now all I have to play around with is how to coat the finished project to make it uber durable to wear. Because this is paper, but it needs to withstand wear and tear. and unlike paper beads that are all tightly wound, these are mostly loosely round and sometimes just 1 layer of paper is holding the whole design together.
I'll post some photos or links once I get stuff up and going a little more :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun Prairie

Well the craft fair was a success despite the cold, overcast day.
Seems like Sun Prairie is a Zombie loving town, because the shirts and bibs were just loved.

I have thought of a new booth layout and an excited to try that at our next event, which will either be the 25th in New Glarus or the 4th of July in Monona. Either ways, I think it will look cool and will allow us to put more stuffed animals out, which are always a hit!