Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wow how the time Flies

I can't believe my last post was last July. That seems like ages ago. I bet everyone is wondering what happened. Let me tell you, we had a baby October 13th and that has pretty much consumed our world. We still have the etsy shops and have done just a few craft fairs, but I have really slacked on blogging and facebook updates. I apologize to everyone and I make a promise to wait almost another year for the next post :)

So what have I been up to? My personal new obesssion is ribbon rings. They are the coolest thing and I have more than 20 different styles up in the shop right now.

Some rings are simple and elegant, some are quite large, some are just fun with fruits and buttons. A little bit of everything to suite everyone's tastes.

And the best part is..... they are all on adjustable ring bases, so they will fit everyone!

The other new thing is the expansion of our apparel line. I have to say I believe this was solely motivated by having a baby and wanting unique thing for him to wear.
Baby Onesies: Click here

The hubby has been having lots of fun with zombie and star wars inspired onesies.

Not to forget his ever expanding line of adult zombie shirts (obsession or just crazy??? you decide)
Adult Zombie Shirts Here

I am really loving the blood splatter look he has going now and think it gives the zombie items that extra something cool.

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