Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Check off another Fair

The 4th of July Fair in Monona is officially another one done and in the books.
It was hot, and there wasn't a breeze to blow even a piece of paper around. Thankfully we invested in this great battery operated fan that provided some relief. If only they made larger ones that could really pump out some coolness. If it wasn't for all the paper products, I'm seriously considering one of those misters :)

I do really like hanging the jewelry display board on the side of the tent. It frees up more space for stuffed animals on the table. The downside, I think people are more hesitant to ask for help with the earrings when they are pinned to the board. The upside, set-up and tear down literally took like 15 mins each. We will have to watch sales and see what happens.

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