Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet Mishap

Last night I realized that I know nothing about how to crochet. I've had this idea for a new scarf design and I decided I wanted to try it. Yeah... it looks like crap. So I took it out and wound the yarn back up.
Today, more determined, I set out scavenging online to try and figure out how to do the stitch that I wanted.

Have you ever seen a crochet pattern book? It's in freaking gibberish. What language are they talking in? trebles, picots. "Work (1dc 2ch) into first treble, work 1ch 1tr into each tr of row 1." Ummmmm is all I have to say.
So yes, I admit it, I do not use patterns, everything is just made on a whim and by playing with the yarn and manipulating it into what I'm looking for. I don't even basic crochet correctly according to the simple directions on the pattern.
So now the basic stitch will just be referred to as the TP stitch. Apparently made up by my mind/hands.
All I have to say about it: it seems to work out just fine :) 

So tonight I am heading home with a new found desire to figure out how to make my idea. It might take all night, but I plan on having a photo to show everyone tomorrow of the excellence :)

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