Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Jewelry Designs Up

So the focus has been narrowed down. The shop cleared out.
I am in the middle of a redesign of the shop's image and logo.

I will now be focusing in on more unique upcycled jewelry. Really eye catching pieces.
After careful consideration and calculation, I also realized that I was basically making things for free. I was basically up making up prices. No more. I'm actually keeping track of how long things take me to make.
With that in mind, prices are going up. Turns out, I spend a LOT longer on things than I was calculating in my prices. That is just silly. My time is worth something.

With that, some of the NEW cool pieces are up in the store now. I need to get a photo session going to take pictures of other things that I've made recently.

I hope everyone likes the new path that Twisted Planet's Jewelry is going.

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