Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beads, Beads Everywhere

So I went on a Paper Bead making Extravaganza.
I think this was brought on by cleaning, there was so much good paper and flyers and old greeting cards that I just couldn't throw them away. (I admit to being a paper hoarder!)
So the bead shop is getting filled up again. It is exciting when the beads get to go to new homes. I love seeing what people make out of the beads. I really love the other etsy shops that link back to me, so I can see their finished product. Best in sales to everyone.
And why not be eco friendly? The beads are durable and as long as you don't shower/bathe/go swimming with your pieces on, they will last just like normal jewelry.
Here are a couple of the beads, but keep your eyes on the store as it gets new listings daily.
And hey, all sized orders ship for one price. And if you see a bead color that you like but want it in a different size, I may just have some extra paper/packaging laying around and can whip something up just for you!

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