Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woooshh Busy Weekend

The show at the Glitter Workshop was a success.
Okay so I spent the entire time drinking hot chocolates and eating the delicious little cupcakes that were for the customers.
But we had sales.
You could tell that the protests in Madison are affecting sales. I completely understand that everyone is stressed out and worring about the future of their jobs. The union issues don't affect me, but they affect enough people that I am friends with to understand the problems it is causing.

We left some great new merch behind at the glitter Workshop. Stop by and check out our stuff. And buy something if you are so inclined.
And even better news, we got a new store in Madison that is going to carry our stuff. That is always exciting to me when someone new likes us! I will let you know more about that when I actually have stuff ready to go to them.
For now, bust preparing for the next show on the 26th. Stuffed animal mania is going on right now. I might be getting crazy because there certainly are some interesting color combos taking shape.

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